Friday, November 16, 2012

It's getting soooo close...

...for Baby Girl Williams to enter this world!  In these last few weeks I ask that you pray for me, Drew, Ashton, the baby, an easy transition into our new routine, my patience...I could keep going!  Last night I asked Drew if he was ready for this and of course he said yes.  We both are and we both feel more prepared than with the birth of Ashton.  But, I am finding myself worrying about and stressing over how Ashton will adjust more than anything.  Any advice from moms and dads with multiple children is welcome!  I am very excited, though, for Ashton and him becoming a big brother!  He is such a joy and brings laughter and smiles to our lives!

I will leave you will a few random pictures of the last couple months or so. 


...Well, I guess just two.  Computer is not cooperating!

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