Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Quite the 1st Birthday We Had Imagined!

One year ago (yesterday) our sweet baby boy was born!  "Can you believe it?"  is what I heard quite a bit this last week or so.  My response to that was, "Yes and No!".  The year went incredibly fast, yet I feel like it went slow enough to enjoy our first year together...if that makes any sense.  Typically, Ashton goes to my mom and dad's house on Tuesday and she watches him for the day over there but she is out of town and we had to resort to good 'ole day care.  In a bind, we have brought him before but I think this was only his 4th time going there.  I didn't call and check in at all; I thought if I haven't heard from them, then everything is o.k.!  I picked him up and it was.  He had a great day they said besides the fact he only slept for 30 MINUTES ALL DAY LONG!!!  This is NOT normal.  When I am home with him he will sleep any where from 1.5 to 2 hours twice a day.

Our plan last night was not to do anything really huge for Ashton's birthday as we are celebrating with the family in a week or so.  But, I did buy a couple of cupcakes, candles, and a balloon and Drew's parents were going to stop by and see him.  I wanted to get a family picture, I wanted to sing Happy Birthday while the cupcake was on the tray of the highchair...on his actual birthday.  That did not happen....none of it!  Ashton fell asleep on the way home from daycare, I carefully took him out of his car seat and he stayed sleeping on my until 5.  At that time we were going to have dinner and that is when everything fell to pieces.  Ashton threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen him throw (actually he never throws tantrums).  I thought maybe he bit down on a cheerio and it hurt his gum.  I thought the screaming and kicking would pass.  Well, it didn't for about 30 minutes until Drew got home.  By that time I was such a mess because I could not comfort my child.  I did not know what to do.  I did not know what he wanted.  And this is not the way I pictured his 1st birthday to be.  I was upset to say the least. 

It was about 5:30 at this time and we decided that he was extremely tired so we put him in his jammies, made a bottle, and we were going to put him to bed.  That is exactly what he needed/wanted.  He wanted to be held, and loved, and drinking a bottle, and put to bed.  Mind you I am still crying this whole time (I have been on a emotional roller coaster lately)!  As Drew and I were kissing and hugging sweet Ashton before putting him in his crib we did manage to sing Happy Birthday and we got the biggest smile from him and at that moment everything was o.k.  Drew reminded me that Ashton will not remember his 1st birthday so if we celebrate it a day late; who cares?! 

So that is what we are going to do.  Celebrate his 1st Birthday a day late, take a family picture, play with the balloon, sing, and eat cupcakes!  I will post pictures later!