Thursday, March 8, 2012

He's on the move!

We have been working with Ashton trying to get him to crawl or at least get him to stay on all fours for longer than a second!  Well, mission accompolished!!  Today Ashton made a new record for himself; almost across the living room floor.  He has to be bribed with toys, but whatever will do the trick! 

Also, we celebrated his 9 month birthday a couple weeks ago!  The doc said he is very healthly and growing well.  We were very happy to hear that. 
At 9 months:
19 lbs 10 oz
28 1/2 inches long

Favorite book:  Thomas and the Hurricane (not mine!)
Recently started sleeping on his stomach
LOVES his stuffed monkey - he will hug and kiss it all day long if we let him
Knows "pat-a-cake" and will start clapping when it is sung

LOVES bath time - the other night I was getting him out of his high chair and he was grunting towards the sink (Grandma Williams give him baths in the sink).  It wasn't bath night so I walked away and we headed towards the bathroom.  He saw the tub and went nuts when I walked out the door.  He was so heart broken that he couldn't go we gave him a bath and he had so much fun playing in there!

Love to eat: bananas, blueberries (although we were just told probably not the best to give to him because the skin could get stuck in his throat), yogurt, peas, carrots, ... he basically loves to eat everything so no complaints in the food department! 

Can't believe Ashton will be 1 year old in a couple of months!  Were did the time on to planning his party!