Sunday, September 23, 2012

15 months (a month ago!)

Thank you, Maria, for some wonderful pictures!  We absolutely love them!!  Some facts about Ashton at 15 months old:
-32" tall
-24 lbs. and 9 oz.

-Favorite food: grilled cheese - I sneak veggies in there :), yougurt, BBQ chicken
-Favorite fruit: bananas, peaches, kiwi
-Least favorite food: cottage cheese
-Words he is saying: wow, da-da, mom, cheese, fishies, go
-Favorite thing to do: play outside
-Favorite book(s):  First Words Picture Book - Where is Baby's Valentine - Let's Go to the Farm
-Sleeps from about 6:30pm to 6 am with one nap in the morning (we try the afternoon naps but for the most part he just sits in there and talks to himself!), needless to say, he is very tired by bedtime.
-Drew and I got new bicycles and a "pull-behind" rider for Ashton - he has the BEST time back there
-Loves to give kisses and is starting to cuddle with us more!  He went through a little phase where cuddling was not so much his thing : (
-Ashton is a very energetic and happy boy!  We fall more in love with him and his personality every day.  He is such a joy to be around and is grow up to be a wonderful little boy!

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